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The professional figures of the future for sustainable, digital and innovative tourism

What are the professional profiles for the future of tourism? How should educational institutions promote a flexible transition for students, trainers, and professionals with the evolving needs of the tourism sector?


Ilenia Brenna, Manager of Enaip Lombardia Como and Cantù Centres, welcomed the participants of the 3rd Multiplier event last 16 March 2023 in Como with these thought-provoking questions to spark reflections on the potential new horizons for tourism vocational education and training (VET).


The event came toward the culmination of the second project result that focused on developing the ECVET Profile and Training Plan for the DGI Tourism Professional. Sandra Bernasconi, Tutor of Tourism Sector courses of Enaip Lombardia Como, highlighted how the adaptable and customisable nature of the DGI Tourism Training Plan could enlighten educational institutions to better respond to the fast-changing tourism markets and consumption patterns. With sustainability, digitalisation, and innovation as the underpinning elements of the project, it is seen to pave the way for new ways in which future tourism professionals are moulded to become better stewards of our planet.


Graced by the esteemed panelists including: Günter Moser (BSHR – Vocational School for Trade and Travel Austria), Giuseppe Rasella (Chamber of Commerce Council), Luca Leoni (Confcommercio Federalberghi Como), Flavia Cortelezzi (Insubria University), and Fabrizio Pozzoli (Confcooperative Cultura, Turismo e Sport Lombardia), the roundtable discussion that ensued inspired a vital exchange on how the outcomes of the project can be effectively utilised in practice, especially by VET institutions and tourism enterprises.


Here are some of the noteworthy points of the discussion:

  • There is an urgent need for tourism trainees and professionals to upskill, and the tourism VET curricula to be updated, to facilitate innovation and instill the growing importance of sustainability and digitalisation in the tourism sector.
  • Revolutionising the tourism sector to become a more responsible sector employer that underpins well-being and long-term employment to workers should also be lobbied and promoted.
  • Tourism education, beyond VET, should harness both hard and soft skills that espouse responsible practices to maximise the positive impacts of tourism

Similar to the discussions held during the first and second multiplier events held in Greece and The Netherlands, respectively, these insights help reinforce the importance of the DGI Tourism project in promoting sustainable and adaptable thinking in tourism VET.


As the DGI Tourism project enters its third phase, the multiplier event also helped identify options for testing and piloting the training courses and materials in Italian and Austrian VET institutions.


Read more about the second project results here.

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