Digital transformation in
the field of maintenance.

Our Organisation

Atlantis Engineering has successfully organised more than 100 Technical Departments of manufacturing companies, service companies, hospitals, and ports. ATLANTIS provides training and consulting services on maintenance, asset management, and ICT solutions. We support daily production activities in different factories, organisation and computerisation of maintenance departments, customised maintenance, consulting, and training, and asset life cycle optimisation.

DGI Project Role

Atlantis Engineering leads the Quality Assurance and Evaluation activities of the project, providing the plan to ensure transparency and quality of the project delivery, outcomes, and results. Also, Atlantis will develop the method and tools to deliver and evaluate the training course.

Our Team Leaders
Ioanna Matouli

Ioanna Matouli

R&D Engineer
Christos Vamvalis

Christos Vamvalis

Software Engineer
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