DGI Tourism Training Pilot Testing

The DGI Tourism Training Pilot Testing was conducted online from last January to February 2024 in the Bergamo and Como divisions of Enaip. More than (number) students participated in collaboration with nine educators in various fields from economics and law to tour organizing.

The successful conduct of the pilot training had a total of 58 teaching hours covering various sub-units of the DGI Tourism Training. The students showed interest in the topics, while indicating their compatibilities with their existing programs. They expressed a preference for the interactive parts and the videos shown. One of the most vital improvements that need to be developed is the localisation of the lessons so that they can be taught in the preferred local languages of the students. This is currently underway and will be available on the online platform soon.

On the other hand, the teachers acknowledge how the outcomes of the project are aligned with what is currently needed to improve typical tourism education curriculum. They note how complex concepts were simplified and made them useful and practical to learn, as opposed to many criticisms of teaching sustainable tourism. Having real case studies have proven to be an effective method to improve students’ understanding on how sustainable tourism works in the real world setting.

“The training is significant for tourism and hospitality students and has a wider educational potential than those initially understood,” a participant of the pilot training remarked. The various case studies used in the lessons allow students to have a better understanding and worldview on the challenges and successes of implementing sustainable tourism on the ground. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we lead to the conclusion of the DGI Tourism Project.

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