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The tourism professional in the face of environmental and climate change

“Much of the issues the tourism sector will face and are already facing are climate-related. We have to accept that. We have no choice. We have to learn to adapt and find better solutions. ” 


Albert Salman, President and Co-Founder of Green Destinations, emphasised. As our world faces numerous environmental and sustainability challenges, how should future tourism professionals become better stewards for the people, nature, and climate? How can tourism education contribute to moulding the tourism professional the world needs?


These were just some of the questions the DGI Tourism’s second multiplier sought to answer. Tourism students and educators in the Netherlands were invited to join a meaningful and interactive dialogue to garner insights and feedback on the project’s progress.


The DGI Tourism project is currently in its second phase. It is focused on developing the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) Profile and Training Plan for the digital, green, and innovative tourism professional. As demonstrated in her presentation, Savina Principi, Instructional Tutor & Sector Manager of Enaip Lombardia and project result leader, highlighted how the adaptable and customisable nature of the training plan aims to focus on how education can better respond to the evolving trends of the travel and tourism market and consumption styles.


However, there continue to be many obstacles to fully fostering such ideals for tourism education. The event participants all seem to agree on the increasing difficulties of changing student mindsets toward sustainability and making it viable and realistic to put into practice. But as with any complex problem, there are no simple solutions. 


Despite the growing urgency and demand for them, there was much discussion about the need for more sustainable options and solutions in the tourism sector. This puts the spotlight on the intersection of the digital, green, and innovative components of the project, ensuring that competencies will be able to shape solutions-oriented and driven tourism professionals in the face of environmental and climate change.


These discussions set the stage for refining the second phase as it heads into the third phase of developing the training courses. 


Missed the event? Watch the recording here: Full event recording

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