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Project Result

Project Result 1

Lean Methodological Framework

The main goal of the Project Result (PR1) is to develop interactive, participatory, and lean teaching approaches that boost sustainable thinking in tourism education.


The work within the PR1 Methodological framework is divided into two activities as follows:

• Task 1: Selection of Methodologies (led by Travel2Fit)

• Task 2: Lean Methodological Framework (led by Atlantis Engineering SA)


The DGI Tourism methodology is developed following an exhaustive research and analysis of frameworks and methods used by the consortium partners, those used in their respective countries, and those used in and out of the tourism sector. The foundational framework chosen for the project is based on the relevance to the project’s scope, consortium brainstorming, and focus on green, digital, and innovative dimensions.


The DGI Tourism methodology espouses the principles of the Digital Competence Framework (DigiCompOrg), Total Quality Management (TQM), and GreenComp Framework. The proposed methodological framework will be reviewed in the project’s next phase. Partners will also use it as a reference to develop a market-oriented structure of topics in a modular curriculum. It is anticipated that VET centres’ capacity to appropriately adjust to new circumstances by requesting integrated teaching techniques (online, blended, etc.) would increase.

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