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Multiplier Event 4 in Vienna, Austria

Last 10 May, the DGI Tourism Project once again held a multiplier event in Vienna. Hosted by BSHR, the event showcased DGI Tourism demo lessons to numerous attendees from BSHR, both students and employees in the tourism industry, even assumed a dual expert role.


The demo lessons emphasised how the DGI Tourism curriculum can be implemented through project-based learning and other contemporary teaching methods. This demonstrated how the curriculum can easily be adapted across different levels and learning environments, showing opportunities for cross-class, cross-school, and cross-country educational activities.


Many of the VET instructors who attended provided positive feedback, stating that the methodological and didactical approaches align with their notions of contemporary teaching, and they also recognize the possibilities of using the complete lessons or parts of them effectively in substitute classes. Furthermore, the utilization and further development of existing materials were highlighted and acknowledged.


Most student attendees expressed great satisfaction with the event’s content, finding the entire DGI Tourism project exciting. They mentioned that they know the significant importance that sustainability holds in the tourism industry nowadays and that every tourist company must address it. Regarding the presented lesson plans, it was highly appreciated that learners can work on the content at their own pace and independently of time constraints. They also appreciate that each user can repeat the videos, podcasts, texts, and tasks as many times as they wish. An essential point for this target audience was that the lesson content can be accessed and worked on using mobile phones.


The multiplier event was an insightful and overall successful gathering. The target groups addressed were present and could contribute their opinions, thus contributing to the continuing development of the DGI Tourism project.

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