PRESS RELEASE: Unlock New Opportunities with the Launch of the DGI Tourism Training Course

The DGI project is proud to announce the official launch of the DGI Tourism Training Course, a groundbreaking initiative designed to equip students and professionals with essential skills for a successful career in the tourism industry. This innovative course is now available on our Moodle platform and offers comprehensive, free training resources to enhance learning and professional development.

Revolutionizing Tourism Education

The DGI Tourism Training Course stands out with its unique approach to tourism education, focusing on three core competencies:

    • Digital Skills: Preparing learners for the technological advancements shaping the tourism industry.

    • Green Skills: Emphasizing sustainable tourism practices to foster environmental stewardship.

    • Innovative Skills: Cultivating creative and forward-thinking professionals ready to tackle the challenges of modern tourism.

Why Choose DGI Tourism Training?

    • Comprehensive Learning Competencies: Students will gain a holistic understanding of the digital, green, and innovative skills needed to excel as DGI Tourism Professionals.

    • Recognized Standards: The training aligns with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET), ensuring that the education provided is recognized and valuable across Europe.

    • Innovative Curriculum: Designed to meet the highest standards in vocational education, the course offers a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Free Training Resources Available

To support learners in their educational journey, the DGI project offers a variety of free training resources available for download. These materials are crafted by industry experts and educators, ensuring that students receive the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Join the Course Today

The DGI Tourism Training Course is live and ready for enrollment. Interested students and professionals can sign up for free and start their journey toward a thriving career in tourism. To enroll, visit, create an account, and follow the easy steps to join the course.

Supported by Erasmus+ Program and Esteemed Partners

This initiative is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program and supported by a consortium of distinguished partners, including:

    • X23 – The Innovation Bakery

    • Green Destinations

    • Fondazione Enaip Lombardia

    • Travel2Fit

    • ATLANTIS Engineering SA

    • Berufsschule für Handel und Reisen

Contact Information

For more information about the DGI Tourism Training Course, please contact

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